Shalini & Vivek

Vivek came from a well-established business family where in he had acquired sharp business acumen in his ambitious genes. He had a very good-looking and optimistic persona mixed with moral and cultural ethos imbibed from his parents. On the other hand, we had Shalini, a charming, slim, happy-go-lucky, and balanced girl. We organized their first meeting at our office premises along with family members where both sides mutually liked each other so well that the next set of meetings between both individuals, followed by family meetings happened in quick succession. Within a span of a few months, both the families finalized a happy marriage decision between two souls made for each other.

Shashank & Dipti

It initially seemed like a very tough matchmaking case as both the prospects came with very clear and unchangeable expectations. Shashank’s family enrolled us with expectations of a beautiful, cultured, and fun-loving girl from a well-settled Baniya family only. Shashank was doing very well in his family’s businesses. Dipti’s family was looking for a sober, caring, and intelligent boy who also comes from an affluent Baniya family. Both sides were doing diligent efforts week after week. Finally, as destined, we arranged both side’s family meetings at our office and then at their residences, and within 3-4 interactions, the boy and girl gave their final consent to the families to go ahead with the happy marriage ceremonies.

Elijah & John

John rooting from a business-class family was enterprising well in his interest areas like Events & Travel. His father listed preferences for an independent, tall, and sensible girl. Elijah’s family was also focused to look for a boy who was a tall, self-sufficient, and educated boy, who could treat Elijah like a friend-cum-life partner. Both sides met at our meetings lounge and a positive equation started building, which resulted in a marriage decision within a short span of time, of course, curated by Wedgate Matrimony’s experienced and result-oriented team members.

Jagjeet & Harleen

Harleen’s family enrolled with us indicating their first preference to find a Chartered Accountant prospect as Harleen is a qualified Chartered Accountant herself. Our team happily took up this challenging task and initiated the matchmaking efforts. We never imagined that this will be one of the fastest successes in Emmanuel Marketing Matrimony’s history the third match sent to Harleen’s family moved ahead with very positive interactions with Jagjeet’s family. Both sides decided within a month of their first meeting and went ahead into happy matrimonial ceremonies